Is your toddler drinking enough water? Here are some tips to get your child drink enough fluids.

I was one of those kids who grew up not drinking enough water. I did not know the importance of drinking water for a long time. I had many problems growing up like feeling tiered, sore throat, mouth ulcers which used to come more often, less urination. I never knew I was dehydrated even after... Continue Reading →

My Quarantine Life: How I spent my quarantine days

As of late, most people around the world are quarantined. Lucky are those who are in quarantine with loved once. Staying at home may be the new normal but it is not ideal for many people. For me personally this self isolation didn’t make much difference since I had already gone through the home quarantine... Continue Reading →

Our Easter 2020

Should I call this post quarantine Easter instead of our Easter 2020? Did you know the meaning of the word “quarantine” before this strange situation? I definitely did not. It’s the crazy time to be in. We have been home arrested for more than 4 weeks now because of this deadly COVID-19. Are these days... Continue Reading →

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