Tips to survive a vacation with an infant

I am still on a vacation hangover. We are just back from a month long vacation. Liyan who is 16 months now loved it the most. This trip was very special to us because of many reasons. Liyan was visiting his mother nation India for first time. His grandparents were waiting to see him. I... Continue Reading →


My favourite ME time indulgence

It is December and is snowing in Scotland. It is one of those dull cold winter days where I am snuggled up in my warm jumpers sitting along with my laptop writing this post keeping my ears wide open because my son can wake anytime and start crying. Liyan now is 14 months old and... Continue Reading →

Babies first birthday celebration ideas

Birthday's are very special. Baby's first birthday is one thing which definitely deserves a celebration. When our baby's first birthday neared, me and my husband started thinking of ways to celebrate his birthday and also we really wanted to celebrate our completion of first year of parenthood. Throwing a big party to friends and family... Continue Reading →

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