Top things to shop for baby before he/she arrives

Shopping is better than therapy anytime, this time it's even more special because I was shopping for my baby I haven't met yet. Shopping for unborn and imagining him in those is a feeling unexplained. I felt like buying everything and the best in everything , this feeling makes us burn our pockets, so we... Continue Reading →


Basic tricks you should know to soothe a crying newborn

  Being a mother is the toughest yet the most satisfying job I have taken till date. I wish I had prepared well before taking up this new responsibility. I was so lost in healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby, I had completely forgot about the days after labour. I thought the half job... Continue Reading →

First month with newborn

"Aww first month with baby! Sounds lovely.... Trust me it just sounds, in reality it's going to be full of ups and downs. How much ever organized person you are, these days will make your routine completely disorganized. But it's going to stay that way only for initial months may be till the baby is... Continue Reading →

The day I knew I was pregnant

It was 5 days past my periods date. There was no much expectation this time because of the disappointment caused from last 5 months after every pregnancy test. Getting "not sure" result is worse than negative test result, so collected the early morning sample and thought of testing after having breakfast . It was Christmas... Continue Reading →

Dietary changes made during pregnancy

Pregnant or planning pregnancy? It's time to get into healthy lifestyle which should mainly include eating healthy, since babies completely rely on what mothers consume. Dietary changes to follow during pregnancy Must haves PRENATAL VITAMINS : It's recommended to start taking prenatal vitamins during planning phase that's 6 months before conceiving. So if you are... Continue Reading →

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