Babies first birthday celebration ideas

Birthday's are very special. Baby's first birthday is one thing which definitely deserves a celebration. When our baby's first birthday neared, me and my husband started thinking of ways to celebrate his birthday and also we really wanted to celebrate our completion of first year of parenthood. Throwing a big party to friends and family... Continue Reading →


Top bed options available for baby and tips to avoid baby bed transition nightmare

Everything has to be perfect when it comes to baby and that one thing we cannot compromise on is bedding. Choosing a right set of bed can save lot of time and effort in making a baby sleep. I remember visiting a baby shop when I was 7th month pregnant and totally getting confused seeing... Continue Reading →

I would never do this to my kid

As I write this post I remember my childhood days sitting in a dinning table having dinner and listening to my parents talk. Both of my parents worked in the same campus .They would normally talk about work, about many situations in workplace, Eventually their talk would turn into an argument, I mostly grew up... Continue Reading →

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